Electrical Housing for up to 3 Atlas Power ECM Modules

  • BAA
  • TAA

    The ECM-RACEWY3 is designed to house up to three ECM-20/M modules to provide up to three separate 20A AC legs for up to 60A of power distribution. If three sequenced sections are not needed,two ECM-3BP blank plates are included to cover unused ECM module slots. Other blank plates are available as an accessory item (ECM-3BP).

    The ECM-RACEWY3 can be mounted into most racks that have at least 30" internal height and the Raceway has breakaway mounting tabs that make it convenient to secure the Raceway in most applications.

    Housing for Up to Three ECM Modules
    Finished in Black Paint
    Height 3.0" (7.6cm)
    Depth 3.375" (8.5cm)
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase