15A Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit


    The ETA Systems EPD8R is designed to prevent electrical damage to sensitive electronic equipment from high amplitude/short duration spikes, random surges, and EMI/RFI noise, which is inherent in utility power lines. Power line sources which are not preconditioned or filtered can affect reliable operation of sensitive audio, computer, and other electronic equipment, and may cause premature failure, expensive repairs, or unanticipated replacement from non-repairable damage.

    Current demands on the power utilities, voltage spikes, power surges, electrical noise, and power failures are commonplace. This garbage in the power delivered can reduce the fidelity of audio systems, cause premature failure, or result in extensive damage or destruction of electronic equipment. ETA Conditioned Power Distribution units feature a master power switch, conveniently located on the front control panel, that switches the rear panel AC outlets ON and OFF. An LED next to the master power switch indicates the power conditioning circuitry is working and the rear panel AC outlets are powered. Maximum total wattage input is 1800 watts and the 8 power output receptacles are protected with a 15 amp (total unit) resettable circuit breaker.

    8 Total Outlets
    15 Amp Input - Circuit Breaker Protected
    Audible Surge Protection Alarm
    Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference Filters
    Spike and Surge Protection
    Length 19"
    Current Rating 15 Amps
    Minimum Spike Clamping Voltage 330VAC
    Height 1.75"
    Depth 8"
    Maximum Surge Current 65,000A
    Weight 8 lbs
    Agency Listing UL1449
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase