20A+20A+20A AC Power Distribution Sequencer Raceway


    The ETA Systems ETA-ECM2063 was designed to be flexible, incorporating features that allow it to be used in a variety of applications. The sequenced outputs allow equipment to be turned ON or OFF in a particular order. This prevents an in-rush of current that could potentially damage connected electronics and eliminates audible pops that often occur with non-sequenced power activation.

    The ETA Systems ETA-ECM2063 AC Power Distribution Sequencer Raceway System is designed to offer the installer/contractor current requirement flexibility based on the needs of the equipment that will be connected to the raceway. The ETA-ECM2063 accepts up to three separate 20A 120VAC lines, allowing for up to a total of 60A to be divided throughout the system. The ETA-ECM2063 features 6 individual AC 120V outlet sections that can be activated individually or in a sequenced order. Triggering a section or sequential order can be accomplished via a remote switch or by using a sequence controller like the Atlas Power ETA-SEQ6 or ETA-ECS6RM.

    The ETA-ECM2063 features a total of 12, 120VAC outlets that are divided into 6 sections. Each section has an activation control port and a bi-color LED. This LED will display green to indicate that AC voltage is present at that specific AC section when it is activated or triggered and the LED will display red to indicate that the section is in Stand-By mode. Activation is easy, simply short the two pins of the control port for the specific channel you want triggered ON. This can be accomplished within a few feet of the ETA-ECM2063 or from several feet away by using an ETA Systems sequence controller or via a switch.

    The ETA-ECM2063 was designed to be compact measuring only 37in high, 3.5in wide and 2.75in deep. The ETA-ECM2063 can be mounted into most racks that have 48in internal height. The raceway can be mounted using the raceway mounting tabs which are designed to breakaway if needed to fit into tighter areas making it adaptable to secure the raceway in most applications. For your convenience there are six 1⁄2in & 3⁄4in dual knockouts that support standard electrical conduit components for wiring 120VAC mains into the raceway housing from the electrical panel.

    6 Separate 120V Outlet Sections
    12, 120VAC 20A Outlets
    Accepts up to 3 20A 120VAC Lines, Configurable
    Active and Incoming AC Present LEDs
    Remote or Local Activation
    6 Dual Knockouts 1/2" & 3/4"
    4 Rail Mounting Tabs
    AC Outlets 12 NEMA 5-20, Switched
    Height 2.59" (65.79mm)
    Width 3.26" (82.80mm)
    Voltage 120V AC, 60Hz
    Load 20A + 20A 20A Configurable
    Length 36.84" (935.74mm)
    Weight 10 lbs. (4.54kg)
    Power Consumption 5.1W Standby, 11.3W Active
    Owners Manual Owners Manual (16 pages) View | Download