15A Power Sequencer and Conditioner


    The ETA-ECS3 has been designed to meet most installation requirements for AC power distribution and equipment power protection. The 15A compact 1 RU unit features three sequential timing sections that can be activated via the unit, or remotely. Front panel activation is via a momentary switch, while rear activation is via a momentary contact closure, or by 5-24VDC trigger feed. AC Mains Voltage can be monitored via the front panel from the precision Digital Volt Meter. To light your rack, the ETA-ECS3 has incorporated a front panel pull-out dimmable LED tube light. The rear of the rack can be illuminated by the optional 16" gooseneck LED lamp connected via an XLR style socket. LED lamps are far superior in longevity along with heat reduction when compared to traditional incandescent lamps and the XLR base mounts are also superior to the commonly used BNC type base. If a 15A AC Mains power source is not enough to meet the amperage demand of your system, the ETA-ECS3 provides a sequenced 24VDC output that can be used to trigger other devices such as the ETA Systems ETA-20SH 20A stand alone AC power module.

    9 Total Outlets
    6 Rear Panel Outlets are Sequenced in Three Stages
    2 Front Panel and 1 Rear Panel Unswitched Convenience Outlets
    Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference Filters
    Dual Clamping Spike & Surge Suppression, DCS
    Front Panel Digital AC Mains Voltmeter
    Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) Below 102V or Above 132V AC Line
    Front Mounted Pull-Out LED Light with 2 Position Dimmer
    External Switch Sequence Trigger Activation
    External DCV
    Sequence Trigger Activation 5-24VDC
    Circuit Breaker Protection @ 15 Amps Indicated By "Breaker Open" Indicator
    Optional Key Lock Remote Wall Plate, ECS-KSW3M, Sold Separately.
    Current Rating 15 Amps
    Operating Voltage 102-132VAC
    Minimum Spike Clamping Voltage 460 VRMS @ 3000A
    Maximum Spike Clamping Voltage 6000V
    Power Consumption 12 Watts
    Height 1.75" (44.5mm)
    Width 19" (482.6mm)
    Depth 8.5" (215.9mm)
    Certifications MET (UL 1449)