AC Sequence Controller


    The ETA Systems ETA-SEQ6 Sequencer Controller features 6 outputs that are configurable individually to be either a 24VDC output or Hard Switch Contact Closure (CC). There are two separate output sequence time delay trimmers ranging from 1 second to 10 minutes. Activation can be done via the front panel or remotely via Hard Switch CC, Momentary Switch or DC Voltage. The ETA-SEQ6 also incorporates an Emergency Power Down (EPD) port for local fire codes. You can link two ETA-SEQ6 units together giving you 12 sequenced outputs.

    The ETA-SEQ6 requires an external power supply that must be purchased separately, TSD-PS24V500MA. This power supply is highly energy efficient and meets most energy standards. Additionally, this unit can be rack mounted using the model TSD-RMK rack mount kit that can support up to 4 ETA-SEQ6 models.

    6 Sequenced Outputs
    Assignable 24VDC or Hard Switch Contact Closure (CC) per Output
    Sequence 1 is Adjustable: Delay Time 1 Second to 10 Minutes
    Sequences 2 - 6 are Adjustable: Delay Time 1 Second to 1 Minute
    Remote Activation via 5-24VDC, Momentary Contacts, Hard Switch Contacts
    Status Indicator for Each Output
    Emergency Power Down "EPD" Port
    Link Out for Two TSD-SEQ6 Controllers
    Voltage Output for Remote LED Status Display
    Separate Wiring Port for Each I/O
    Removable Phoenix Style I/O Connectors
    Chassis Construction Black Aluminum
    Sequence Status Indicator Green, Qty 1
    Output Status Indicator Red, Qty 6
    Voltage 24VDC, 500mA
    Power Consumption Current 100mA
    Power Consumption VA Watts 2.4W
    Height 1.5" (39mm)
    Width 4" (101mm)
    Depth 2.75" (70mm)
    Weight 6oz. (.165kg)