Electrical Housing for 1 Atlas Power ECM Module

  • TAA
  • BAA

    The ECM-RACEWY1 is designed to house a single ECM module to provide a single 20A or 30A AC leg for up to 120A of power distribution. There are four ½" and ¾" dual knockouts that support standard electrical conduit components for wiring 120V AC mains into the raceway housing from the electrical panel.
    The ECM-RACEWY6 can be mounted into most racks and the Raceway has breakaway mounting tabs that make it convenient to secure the Raceway in most applications.

    Housing for a Single ECM Module
    4 Electrical Inlets
    Finished in Black Paint
    Height 5.55" (14.1 cm)
    Width 13.77" (34.98 cm)
    Depth 3.66" (9.3 cm)
    Data Sheet ATS004148 ECM-RACEWY Datasheet (1 page) View | Download